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Your job application on steroids (*not the bad kind)

Are you ready for the new generation of job application? Whether you apply for jobs or receive applications, you will agree Muchulo is simply the coolest new bunny in the cage.

Apply on video and audio

Including video questions in your applications allows you to meet your applicants face-to-face before meeting them face-to-face

Technical questions...

...right in the application. Developers love code editors and give them a chance to show how senior they are.


The most advanced time zone and country settings to reach the right applicants quickly, whether they will work remote, on-site, or hybrid.

4 blocks are not enough

We wanted to tell you about our other features, like no-password entry, fine-tuned application filtering...but we can only have 4 squares here for symmetry.

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The most human job application to date

Intoducing video and audio in online job applications that add a new world of possiblities to pre-interview candidates

Applicant can respond on video or audio
Mere seconds of video give you a better overview of applicants than a thousand words on a CV
Application questions configurable with any combination of optional/required video, audio or text responses
Every job application supports an unlimited amount of custom questions
Media is shareable by link with teams or clients