Job applications that humans and save

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The most human job application to date

Intoducing video and audio in online job applications that add a new world of possiblities to pre-interview candidates

Applicant can respond on video or audio
Mere seconds of video give you a better overview of applicants than a thousand words on a CV
Application questions configurable with any combination of optional/required video, audio or text responses
Every job application supports an unlimited amount of custom questions
Media is shareable by link with teams or clients
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Flexible job post configuration with remoteness in mind

Support for remote, hybrid and traditional on-site work. Set your job post configuration to specific time zones, countries and locations as accurately and specifically as never before.

Specific location, time zone and country settings for each job post
Job search results prioritise your job post to seekers inside your area selection
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Tech screening questions inside your job application

Introducing proper support for developer coding questions and responses in an online code editor, in any language of your choice, right inside the job application.

Support for question text and initial code
Support for all modern programming language syntax and highlighting
Supports an unlimited amount of tech questions
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Many custom question types

Add as many custom questions to your job application structure as appropriate to your unique role. Muchulo supports the widest range of formats conceivable.

Confirmations, e.g. Please confirm you have a driver's licence...
Multiple document uploads, e.g. art portfolio, clearances, licences
Single-line or multi-line text questions, e.g. Github or LinkedIn account link, bio, essays...
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Seamless application management

Recruitment is overwhelming. We remove the noise and give you the world's best application filters.

Use your Muchulo job application link on other platforms to benefit from our application engine
Filter applications by text phrase found in a specific question
Filter by application status: e.g. new, viewed, shortlisted, rejected, etc.
Filter by presence or absence of media
Filter by whether an applicant has positively confirmed a confirmation
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Frictionless sign up and clear pricing

No passwords to remember and no hidden costs to fear

A no-password, no-registration system to get you up in seconds
Secure payment with Stripe, the friendliest and most trusted online payment system that exists today
Access to invoicing for your accounting purposes
Configure your tax status for invoicing
Pause your job post (and stop paying) when you go on holiday
No hidden costs guarantee
No locking in. No fixed periods. No contracts. A daily subscription that ends when you want it to end.
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Muchulo are recruiters and headhunters

Some roles are challenging to fill in a challenging market. For those, we are here to help. Find out what makes us the obvious choice.