All yours with no restrictions for
€7.50 / day (+ VAT if applicable)

One simple price that you control

A no-password, no-registration system to get you up in seconds
Secure payment with Stripe, the friendliest and most trusted online payment system that exists today
Access to invoicing for your accounting purposes
Configure your tax status for invoicing
Pause your job post (and stop paying) when you go on holiday
No hidden costs guarantee
No locking in. No fixed periods. No contracts. A daily subscription that ends when you want it to end.

Frequently asked questions

Do I sign up for a fixed period with a contract?

No, and no. This is a daily rate that can be paused or stopped at any time.

Are there any additional costs not stated here?

No. This is an all-inclusive price with all the features enabled.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If you are not happy with the outcome, reach out and we would be happy to process a full refund.

Can I use Muchulo's application forms on other job boards and platforms?

Yes, and this is encouraged. We provide a public link to the application that you can copy into other job boards or platforms, like LinkedIn, to direct the job application to Muchulo.